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Winter Walking on the Trails at Abriachan

I posted a few months ago about the wonderful walks at Reelig Glen and Abriachan. Well, yesterday I took the dogs to Abriachan in the snow and we did one of the many loops. We took just over 2 hours to do it, pausing for the odd photograph. There was snow on the ground, bright blue skies, not a cloud in sight. There are amazing views from start to finish but the half way point gives a breath taking panorama. We can see Strathfarrar, the Mullardoch Munros and Glen Affric.

Panoramic view

Taking in Strathfarrar, Mullardoch Munros and Glen Affric

Sadly at this point, the battery in my iPhone ran out and I couldn’t take any pictures! So this morning, we hurried back while the sun was out to try and capture the beauty of this wonderful place in the sun. We drove further down the track this time, so did a shorter loop in about 45 minutes. Here are some of the photos I took today – not such a bright sky but still looking wonderful.

Jimmy and the dogs at Abriachan

Jimmy and the dogs Emma and Mina striding out on the path at Abriachan

Abriachan is definitely worth a visit – there are a host of different walks of varying lengths and difficulty. The main car park itself has picnic tables, toilets, a workshop that holds art and woodland craft sessions, a children’s play area, peace path, Loch Laird to take in bird watching and some wonderful wooden creations and sculptures.

Emma and Mina out at Abriachan

Emma and Mina out at Abriachan

Abriachan trails covered with snow

Abriachan trails covered with snow

Stargazers benefit from Dark Sky Status

We are pretty remote here at Pinewood Steading with very few neighbours and no near villages, or towns. So we have pretty much dark skies.  You can often find us out in the garden looking at the stars and Milky Way. And on special occasions, looking at the Northern Lights!

Milky Way

Dark sky Milky Way

So, we were especially pleased to hear that the nearby Abriachan Forest Trust has gained Dark Sky Discovery Status!  The award was made on 23rd November 2017 by the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. The Trust was granted ‘Milky Way class’ Dark Sky Discovery status. This certification puts Abriachan on the map as an excellent place for stargazers to go. Abriachan benefits from its remote location and altitude.  Only the sites with very clear views of the Milky Way galaxy receive the Award. So, whether you’re gazing on them from our garden, or taking the 10 minute car jaunt across to Abriachan, we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

To add, if you are really keen on catching the wonderful sights of the Northern Lights, check out this super blog Can you see the Northern Lights in Scotland? from Holiday Scottish Highlands & Islands.

It’s a winter wonderland!

We love this time of year – it’s like a Winter Wonderland! Well, we’ve had snow early this year; the first came in early November and as I write this, it’s been snowing for days.  It’s supposed to last for at least another week and then well into December and beyond.  I am sure it’s going to be a white Christmas!  It almost always snows in January, and particularly February. Many of our guests want to book for when it’s snowing and of course, we can’t forecast that. But I think if you visit this winter, you will have a high chance!  Here are a few of our recent snow pictures. Enjoy!

Larch in winter

Snowman with Emma

Pinewood Steading and snowing

Snowy morning sunrise