Pinewood Steading is green self catering accommodation near Loch Ness. We are a Green Tourism Gold Award member. This recognises our sustainable business practices and our efforts to be efficient in many areas including energy, water and waste management.

Green logo for Gold Award

Green Tourism Gold Award

James and I strongly believe in doing our bit to improve the environment and reducing our contribution to global warming. We have strived where possible to use practices that support these principles. As a family and a business, we are also committed to protecting our own wonderful surroundings and environment. Indeed, we selected the site for its natural beauty, a great location for our business, and the site’s potential for environmental improvement.

As a business, we strive to further our green living credentials as we believe that sustainable development is one of the most important issues facing our planet. We have put lots of measures in place to reduce environmental impact but have a suite of plans for future changes to further improve and to carefully manage the local environment.

We hope to promote green tourism and green living by encouraging and educating our guests to make ethical, responsible and sustainable decisions. When you visit Pinewood Steading, you know you are a part of our journey – and we are happy to share ideas on how you can take part, and give you suggestions for green things to do in our area.

Our Credentials

Jane, the owner, with Emma showcasing the Silver Award from Green Tourism (now Gold)

Emma, the rescue dog, showcasing our Silver Award from Green Tourism

We put a lot of effort into being green – and it’s not just the big changes which have made a difference, but all the little things we do every day too.  The little things we can all do everyday.

  • Pinewood Steading is a super insulated house
  • Energy is used to heat the water which is distributed between the underfloor heating and for hot water
  • Electrical appliances are always the highest Energy Star Rating we can get and are regularly PAT tested
  • All rooms (including both bedrooms) are individually temperature controlled
  • The main bathroom is on a separate underfloor heating circuit for more comfort and control
  • A program of replacing all lights throughout the Steading with low energy LED bulbs has started
  • All our cleaning products and those left for your use are environmentally and vegan friendly
  • We provide recycling facilities, and every fortnight, recyclable materials are collected at the kerbside, at the top of the gate. Glass bottles and jars are taken to the local bottle banks
  • We provide environmentally friendly and reusable toiletries from a Scottish company
  • All the toilet rolls are from 100% recycled paper
  • There is a dog waste bin and we provide biodegradable doggy poo bags
  • We implement a ‘bag it and bin it’ policy to advise guests not to flush nasties down the toilet
  • Our welcome basket is sourced from local suppliers or vegetables from Pinewood’s garden when in season
  • We use solar path lighting to reduce energy usage
  • Whenever possible, bed linen and towels are line dried
  • Pinewood Steading was designed to not have long dark corridors that would need a lot of lighting. Instead, they are fed natural light from the sitting room windows and large cathedral windows at either end of the building
  • We provide you with tips on wonderful local walks, places to visit and eat
  • We only ever use local suppliers, contractors and materials
  • In 2018, we built veg beds, and have planted fruit bushes and fruit trees as a small gesture to reduce the miles from ‘farm to fork’. We now provide homegrown produce in our Welcome Hampers
  • Composting facilities are available
  • We have used our own trees to provide wood for the wood burner and will replant new trees every year
  • Resuable shopping bags are provided in case you leave yours behind (saves you having to use plastic ones)
  • There is an EgoEgg laundry and dryer ball in the utility room
  • We have a Nature Diary where you can write up your experiences of wildlife spotting during your stay