Small green efforts make all the difference

Just a short blog post to say our new composting bins have arrived – yay! We have two – one in the enclosed garden for my compost from the veg gardens and the house; and one by the Steading for our guests to use. All veg and fruit waste can be composted, coffee grounds and tea bags, old bread, leftover pasta, pizza crusts, and even egg shells.

The new composting bin for the Steading

Guests also have a small kitchen compost bin inside the Steading which they can put their waste into first, before taking outside. We are excited to have implemented one more small measure towards reducing the waste at Pinewood.  And who knows – in a few month’s time, we may have our own compost to put on the veg gardens too!

Another small Green Tourism addition is our new Nature Diary. This helps our guests capture their wildlife experiences and sightings, both near and away from the Steading. So far there have been a few entries and even some pictures drawn!

Nature Diary

Our new Nature Diary

It really is good fun to see what the guests have seen and where – and this may help future guests see the wildlife too.  From dolphins to red squirrels. Hooded crows to house sparrows. Greater spotted woodpeckers to robins. Highland cows and sheep of course! Golden eagles to whales! Pheasants, jackdaws and oyster catchers. Hares, deer and swallows.  All these little measures are all big actions in support of our Green Policy.

Lots of entries in the Nature Diary

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