Stargazers benefit from Dark Sky Status

We are pretty remote here at Pinewood Steading with very few neighbours and no near villages, or towns. So we have pretty much dark skies.  You can often find us out in the garden looking at the stars and Milky Way. And on special occasions, looking at the Northern Lights!

Milky Way

Dark sky Milky Way

So, we were especially pleased to hear that the nearby Abriachan Forest Trust has gained Dark Sky Discovery Status!  The award was made on 23rd November 2017 by the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. The Trust was granted ‘Milky Way class’ Dark Sky Discovery status. This certification puts Abriachan on the map as an excellent place for stargazers to go. Abriachan benefits from its remote location and altitude.  Only the sites with very clear views of the Milky Way galaxy receive the Award. So, whether you’re gazing on them from our garden, or taking the 10 minute car jaunt across to Abriachan, we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

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