Visiting Glen Affric and Walking to Dog Falls

We’re lucky to be able to share wonderful photographs taken by a recent guest when they went to Glen Affric.  They took a walk around Dog Falls, which is a beautiful forest stroll through ancient Caledonian Pines. This type of forest is considered to be one of the few truly natural landscapes in the UK.

A view of the green Caledonian pines at Glen Affric

Dog Falls itself is a dramatic waterfall in a rocky gorge.  If you do an extended walk here, you can find a wonderful small lochen (Coire Loch). This is a great spot to find rare dragonflies. Climbing back up to the main path there are excellent views.

The paths are all well marked and laid out, with three options to take. Combining all three makes a great circular walk. The river itself (River Affric) is wide and very pretty, bordered by pinewoods.

Fast flowing river, tumbling over rocks

You’ve got a good chance on these walks of spotting roe deer. You may even see pine martens (which you can also find in the garden at Pinewood!)  If you’re a bird watcher, watch out for the rare crossbill and rarely seen capercaillie.