The Scottish Highlands in Spring

We love the Highlands of Scotland all year round, but Springtime holds a certain charm for us.  We feel blessed to bask in the glorious colours that this season brings with it.  From the blue bluebells, to the yellow gorse and fields full of rapeseed.  And when you get a couple of those sights together, it’s even more magical!

Mixed colour cows near a yellow field of gorse near Abriachan

There are lots of rapeseed fields wherever you go, especially around our area near Inverness as it’s quite agricultural. And we are very lucky to have some beautiful bluebell woods near Pinewood, let alone all the hedges along the small roads are covered in them right now.  For woods, we love to do the River Beauly Circuit and pop along into Croiche Wood.

Blue bluebells in a green wood near the River Beauly

I wrote about this walk in one of my recent newsletters – have you subscribed?  The wood is ablaze with a carpet of bluebells at this time of year.  It’s wise to remember that if you’ve travelled up from further south, we usually get our seasons a little later than you. So while the bluebells have all gone now in the south of England, they are still a riot of colour up here.  They only popped their heads out only a few weeks ago.

And as for yellow of the gorse – well, we don’t need to go much further than our own garden to get a sight and a whiff of that!

Yellow gorse in the foreground with dark mountains behind from our garden at Pinewood

Do you know what smell the gorse gives off? It’s coconut! Most folks consider gorse a nuisance, as it’s very widespread!  And most gardeners up here spend a lot of time cutting it down.  It’s a large, ever-green shrub covered in prickly needles (watch out!) Very interestingly enough, we just found out that you can in fact eat the yellow gorse leaves!  We had it at Nourish Inverness where Capability Browns held their first vegan Supper Club (look that up, that’s a must go to!)  She used the gorse flowers to decorate a pearl barley risotto with AVVA Gin spiced butternut squash. Other garnish was rocket, dandelion leaves, all drizzled with sweet fig vinegar.  Anyway, I digress….

Come up north during Spring time and savour some of these colourful sights for yourself.  Next stop – Summer!