Going Green!

No, that’s not the garden or the landscape going green – we’re still covered in snow! This is Pinewood Steading being acknowledged by Green Tourism with a Silver Award. This demonstrates our commitment and efforts to building a green and sustainable business. Green Tourism is the largest and most established sustainable certification programme in the world. We went through a thorough process to get certified. Green Tourism exists to help tourism businesses ensure their long-term viability, both environmentally and economically. And to help holiday makers make clear ethical, sustainable and responsible decisions about where to holiday or visit. And this is just the start of our journey! We’ve been implementing lots of new ideas to help us, and our guests, help Pinewood Steading to be eco-friendly. We are very passionate about helping the environment we live in. Everything from minimising waste, to being efficient, and respecting our environment. Check out our new page for our green credentials.  Here’s to going for Gold!

Emma, the rescue dog, showcasing our Silver Award from Green Tourism

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