The veg garden is up and running!

I am pleased to say that after much hard work (and some help from a local landscape gardener), the veg garden and seating area is almost done! Now, to be honest, this will be private space for our own use going forward. But we plan to make the veg and fruit available for our guests. This will be in exchange for a wee donation which will go towards a local animal sanctuary.

The veg area

This area used to be very boggy, overgrown and uneven.  Much drainage work has gone in to make it less wet.  The digger has done a great job in levelling it off. And instead of being overgrown, it’s now a landscaped secure garden area. Secure to keep the deer out, and the dogs in while I’m working in there!

The new seating area in the enclosed garden

In the four veg plots, I am trying to grow a variety of veg. This include potatoes, onions, leeks, kohl rabi, different lettuces, celeriac, carrots, round cabbage, chard, broad bean, beetroot and spinach. It’s quite exposed and windy up on our hill so we’ll have to see how it goes.  The seating and surrounding area is still being planted but already has an array of herbaceous perennials, azaleas and heathers. We’ve got some honeysuckle and clematis along the pergola too, and some hardy roses. Fruit bushes include cranberry, redcurrant, blackberry and gooseberry.

From what used to be a mess, this is a beautiful area now, taking in those stunning views that we are so lucky to have.

The view from the new enclosed garden area




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