We Won Gold!

Earlier this year, we commenced our journey with Green Tourism and were thrilled to receive the Silver Award. Since then, we have embarked on many changes and improvements on our way towards Gold. To be awarded Gold, you don’t need to implement massive changes like solar panels (although we are looking into them!) Instead, you need to demonstrate commitment and efforts to building a green and sustainable business.  So we are super thrilled to have received the Gold Award in November 2018.

Green logo for Gold Award

Green Tourism Gold Award

Award holders need to champion investment and improvement in the local community. We use a lot of our time and energy to help build stronger communities. For example, Jane regularly bakes cakes for, and volunteers at, the the local community cafe in Kirkhill. We also have to help conserve the local economy by introducing and encouraging guests to try genuine local experiences; and to source products sustainably and ethically. And through all this, we are committed to finding new ways to reduce our footprint, and to lessen the impact we have on our environment.

Green Tourism is the largest and most established sustainable certification programme in the world. Green Tourism exists to help tourism businesses ensure their long-term viability, both environmentally and economically; and to help holiday makers make clear ethical, sustainable and responsible decisions about where to holiday or visit.

We are looking into even more changes and improvements to continue our journey. And we will always encourage guests to think about being eco-friendly. Check out our Green page for our green credentials.


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